Director of Engineering Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Director of Engineering?

Director of Engineering in Tyler:
"Cost of living."
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Cons: Is boring. Werjwe wejr wem wren wer.

Director of Engineering in Miami:
"I like it."
Pros: I love the city diversity and has all major sports that I can go to.
Cons: The pay does not match the cost of living.

Director of Engineering in San Diego:
"Hard Job, but can be fun."
Watch the bonus structure if its based on profit-it wont be fair and watch promises for future without any current commitment, it's almost industry standard to promise the world but provide no commit. Don't be afraid to pull leverage on bosses, they will usually respect you more. Job is more challenging than I imagined, but I wouldn't be happy without a challenge personally.

Director of Engineering in Denver:
"Delivery is key."
In the under 100 people company, your fog of war is probably around 90 days. Understand how far out you can really plan. You need the long term vision, but the reality is that most of the people you interface with don't understand most of what you and your group do. Educate them but keep your deliverables to small things that you can pivot on if you need to.

Director of Engineering in Palm Desert:
Does the company give rasies?

Director of Engineering in Marathon:
"Fishing :Food Clean air."
Pros: People are Friendly.
Cons: Cost of living.

Director of Engineering in Austin:
"Take care of yourself first."
If you are promoted from within, it is very likely that you will be significantly under compensated. Make sure that you don't place too much emphasis on the title; it's valuable, but it doesn't pay the bills. Know what the position is worth, because that is what you are worth. If your employer starts acting like your compensation expectations are a personal affront to them, start looking elsewhere. If they had hired a competent Director of Engineering from outside the company, they would have had to pay a competitive wage, so don't undersell yourself just because you were promoted from within.