Director of Human Resources (HR) Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Director of Human Resources (HR)?

Director of Human Resources (HR) in Stephenville:
"Small town, strong values, great place to raise a family."
Pros: Small town, easy pace
Cons: Small town and not enough employment options

Director of Human Resources (HR) in Virginia Beach:
Pros: location
Cons: traffic

Director of Human Resources (HR) in Houston:
"Take a yearly HR law and Payroll law class."
Take a yearly HR law and Payroll law class- the law changes. Also a SALES AND USE TAX class.

Director of Human Resources (HR) in Bennettsville:
"Things We Love To Do."
Pros: The associates that work here.
Cons: Skill set.

Director of Human Resources (HR) in Charleston:
"Learning experience."
Pros: It is great place to work and live. Commute is reasonable and cost of living is good.
Cons: Not a lot of variety when it comes to food and lacks diversity.

Director of Human Resources (HR) in Kaufman:
"Life as the Director of Human Recourese."
Pros: Being able to take care of the gentlemen working for us in the field. Flexibility of being about to work from home from time to time, the casual dress code and the people I work with daily. Our birthday celebrations and our vacation policy.
Cons: The inconsistencies from the upper management, the lack of planning on managements part and expecting me to jump threw hoops. The fact that significant rules are broken and I feel like my hands are tied as I am being told by upper management to roll with it. The long hours I spend here daily while missing out on my children. My pay scale, and I have been asking for a year for an assistant to help me and I can get my boss to approve the position.

Director of Human Resources (HR) in Redding:
"Be strategic for career advancement."
Be firm but flexible. Stand your ground when you know it will affect your success or reputation later. Gain as much experience as you can. Be strategic about your career, when you become a senior HR person, industry specific experience becomes an issue. If you don't that the specific industry experience, you may be overlooked. Apparently, the motto is not always hire for the right fit, train for the job.