Director of Operations Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Director of Operations in Williston:
"Must have great communication skills, multi-task, high stres."
Develop key relationships with direct reports, trust who you can delegate work to and then delegate. Prioritize daily what needs your attention that day. Confront situations head on to prevent things from getting out of hand. Be pro-active so change is easier on your team.

Director of Operations in Mankato:
"Work hard, play hard."
Ownership utilizes the DoO to run the company - a lot on one set of shoulders with Ownership still active (highly) in day to day operations. Company strives for and thrives upon efficiency and simplication - everything is broken down to a job/task level and implementation is time measured and turned into a metric.

Director of Operations in Gooding:
"Director of operations."
Pros: Developing leaders.
Cons: Hiring personnel.

Director of Operations in Houston:
"Be passionate about what you do."

Director of Operations in Portland:
Plan on having email on your phone. You will need to know everything that goes on and how to respond when it does not go as planned. You may not want to move into this position if you have small children as you will be busy on nights and weekends. Excel by mastering communication skills and developing checklists which will allow you to manage the staff you are responsible for on a non-emotional level. Yes or no? Done or not?

Director of Operations in Baton Rouge:
"More business experience."
Be as organized and open minded as possible.

Director of Operations in Chicago:
"Peer relationship."
It is critical to have a great relationships with your peers in HR, CTO, and Financial positions to be successful.