Director of Operations Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Director of Operations in Oklahoma City:
"Turnover is high."
Set your boundaries in the beginning. Get a contract with salary increases and timing.

Director of Operations in San Diego:
"I wish I knew the stress level."
Take it all with stride.

Director of Operations in New York:
"Director of Operations."
Please know the value of your work as good operations people are very talented however the department of operations is underpaid in this industry compared to executives/finance/accounting and marketing. Daily responsiblities consist of a wealth of knowledge in logistics/accounting/finance/production and even executive task which allow for rapid growth of knowledge. Accurate multitasking and excellent communication is crucial to being successful at this role. Best way to excel is to educate yourself on each department and try to find the best ways of making the operations sector of the company run smoother.

Director of Operations in Little Falls:
"Be a leader."
Leading is better than managing. Read lots of leadership books.

Director of Operations in Benicia:
"Open Mind."
To keep an open mind, listen to your employees as they are the "experts" that do the job on a daily basis. Observe and learn the workflow before making any hasty changes. Be fair and consistent with decisions concerning all employees.

Director of Operations in Wyoming:
"HUD guildlines are hard to keep up with."
Make sure you keep going to the training's to keep up on the ever changing HUD guildlines.

Director of Operations in West Palm Beach:
Invest time into finding an training new people underneath you.