Director of Operations Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Director of Operations in Pompano Beach:
Show up early, leave late. Always dress for the job you want not the job you have. Always be prepared.

Director of Operations in Oklahoma City:
"Turnover is high."
Set your boundaries in the beginning. Get a contract with salary increases and timing.

Director of Operations in San Diego:
"I wish I knew the stress level."
Take it all with stride.

Director of Operations in Fairfax:
"Pretty Good."
Pros: It's enjoyable but stressful, lots of growth potential.
Cons: Frenzied, stressful, can be difficult.

Director of Operations in New York:
"Director of Operations."
Please know the value of your work as good operations people are very talented however the department of operations is underpaid in this industry compared to executives/finance/accounting and marketing. Daily responsiblities consist of a wealth of knowledge in logistics/accounting/finance/production and even executive task which allow for rapid growth of knowledge. Accurate multitasking and excellent communication is crucial to being successful at this role. Best way to excel is to educate yourself on each department and try to find the best ways of making the operations sector of the company run smoother.

Director of Operations in Frisco:
"Helping Business Run Itself."
Pros: Working with so many different personalities really opens up new social experiences. These new experiences help me become a better problem solver and improves my ability to manage people. Freedom to write my own schedule provides me with better home life management.
Cons: The more issues to deal with the more work needs to be done. Even though I write my own schedule, I will schedule myself heavy in the areas of concern to bring business back to performing on par. Stress is directly connected to how much cooperation I have with my managers. Hiring good people and getting good training can be difficult if managers have lower standards than I.

Director of Operations in Little Falls:
"Be a leader."
Leading is better than managing. Read lots of leadership books.