Electrical Apprentice Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Electrical Apprentice?

Electrical Apprentice in Stillwater:
"Bending conduit, running wire, and trim out."
Pros: Hands on work, get to use my Head As well. Very gratifying to drive by a building and say " I wired that". Get to enjoy the elements (when pleasant) also Not in the same place for very long. In sums a lifetime in a cubicle wearing a suit and tie, would be an eternity of hell. (In my opinion)
Cons: There are not very many complaints about having my career.since I have to say something about it, I'd have to say that I dislike the on site facilities (port-a-potty)

Electrical Apprentice in Visalia:
"My Pay."
Pros: Learning a whole new trade that changes every year.
Cons: Not having a company vehicle.

Electrical Apprentice in Stillwater:
"It's good."
Pros: The mental challenges and problems to find solutions to.
Cons: The outside work in bad weather or extreme heat.