Electrical Apprentice Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Electrical Apprentice?

Electrical Apprentice in Harrisburg:
"I love it but pay is low."
Pros: The people I work with
Cons: The pay

Electrical Apprentice in Shawnee:
"Shawnee is a convenient town."
Pros: Plenty of places to eat at lunch.
Cons: Shawnee is growing, meaning more traffic.

Electrical Apprentice in Dorchester:
Pros: Working with my hands and brain
Cons: Traffic

Electrical Apprentice in Bowling Green:
"I like working in Bowling green small town."
Pros: My family is in Bowling Green. They are a great help with my young family.
Cons: Pay scale is low.

Electrical Apprentice in Laurel:
"Eager to work an ready to grow with the the right company."
Pros: I love working as a unit and perfecting my craft by consisting bending pipe, troble shooting, run mc cables, and also installing outlets and switches.
Cons: Not having enough equipment amongest my crew.

Electrical Apprentice in Houston:
"The work of an electrical apprentice is not easy."
Pros: Work in Houston allows more opportunities if one job doesn't work out. And usually there is some type of transportation to and from work.
Cons: There is so much competition for the better jobs. And there is always so much traffic.

Electrical Apprentice in Seattle:
"It is very difficult working and going to school."
Pros: Meeting new people, accomplishing the creation of a new building.
Cons: Getting laid off, coworkers that dont work.