Electrical Engineer Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Electrical Engineer in Virginia Beach:
"General Construction Knowledge."
I spent the first few years working as a Project Engineer on construction sites. This opportunity gave me insight to the challenges of construction and learned general contracting work.

Electrical Engineer in Yanbu:
"Electrical engineer."
Get thorough knowledge during training. And apply the skills learnt in training to the project.

Electrical Engineer in Luanda:
"Power Plant Turnkey solution to client needs."
Project, technical and financial consulting, budgeting, supervision, work control, Human Resources. Learn to control stress levels, organizing yourself and focusing on priorities.

Electrical Engineer in Orlando:
"Long range carrer potential."
Find out what is your top ceiling development potential within the company, what are the oportunities of development within the company.

Electrical Engineer in St. Louis:
"Get your hands dirty."
Go do some technician/electrician work.

Electrical Engineer in Hartford:
"I would have gone accounting."
Hope that you like the idea of interesting work for low pay, and unpaid overtime. But the work is really interesting. So are my kids.

Electrical Engineer in Allentown:
"What to look for."
Find a company where you enjoy working and your work makes a difference.