Electrical Foreman Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Electrical Foreman?

Electrical Foreman in Denver, Colorado:
"Could pay better."
Pros: It’s not to far from home.
Cons: Traffic in and around downtown really sucks.

Electrical Foreman in Savannah:
"A wonderful city."
Pros: The commute is not that bad you could get from one side of town to another within 25 minutes heat.
Cons: The summertime can get very humid.

Electrical Foreman in Aurora:
"Always call!"
Always call someone before you do something wrong.

Electrical Foreman in Willow Street:
Pros: Close to home.
Cons: Nothing.

Electrical Foreman in Boston:
"Pays good."
Pros: The pay is good.
Cons: The commute sucks, lots of competition.

Electrical Foreman in Boston:
"The good & the bad."
Pros: Large volume of work, competitive pay, good benefits.
Cons: Commute, cost of living, taxes.

Electrical Foreman in Atlanta:
"Didn't know the more skill the more money you need to watch."
Keep a really good sense of humor and try to be a teacher of a trade that not alot want to do. Show them it's not hard when done with the right tools and thought.