Electrician Advice

Q: What is it like working as an Electrician?

Electrician in Green River:
"Work schedule."
Work hard, give 150 percent all of the time and consideration to the needs of your employer at all times.

Electrician in Jacksonville:
"Read Everything."
A career in the Electrical field, weather as a technician or an engineer, benefits most quickly by building strong research habits. One must be able to decipher a myriad of terms and symbols to understand how to work on an accessory or component; not being limited to only understanding what they are working on, but how to work on it. Reading correctly will enable time saved on parts ordered, or steps taken when completing a specific task or project.

Electrician in Dubai:
Pros: Offering solutions.
Cons: Fault diagnosing complicated machines.

Electrician in Topeka:
Pros: I like to build things for people.
Cons: Bullies and harsh jokes used upon me.

Electrician in glensfalls:
Learn plc's association with field device. Learn to interoperate how field devices are reacting TO THE PLC PROGRAM. Learn to diagnose and trouble shoot controllers, drivesand other field devices.

Electrician in Norcross:
Pros: Learning how to build electrical systems.

Electrician in Los Angeles:
"Like a professor/teacher."
Pros: In line of my profession I always encountered challenges in my work. Even if it is very hazardous sometimes the area is unsafe. But, I always do my job to make it better.
Cons: In line of my profession sometimes I encountered electric shock while I troubleshoot in control panel or other electrical equipment.