Electrician Journeyman Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Electrician Journeyman in Barre:
"Poor wages with high expectations of physically demanding la."
Just trying to understand how every other trade in Vermont gets paid much better than electricians.

Electrician Journeyman in Phoenix:
"Hard work pays off."
THE number 1 thing I tell everyone before they start is the pay is crap now but today you will be costing me money. Keep a positive attitude listen be smart and above all else work hard. DO THIS and when you start making me money then you will start making money. Be the best at every small task I give you then one day you will be the best at every task making you valuebal to me and others like me. Then you will always have a carrier to fall back on.

Electrician Journeyman in Austin:
"It's worth it."
The world needs you. The world is too dependent on electricity. There will always be a demand for electricians. You may not get rich but you'll never be hungry. Sometimes it's hard but just pay attention and learn. It's worth it.

Electrician Journeyman in Murfreesboro:
"Pay rate."
Get paid what your worth and stand up for your self.

Electrician Journeyman in Atlanta:
Don't waste time with this website.

Electrician Journeyman in Mustang:
"Cold and hot."
Your cold when it's cold and hot when it's hot.