Electrician Journeyman Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Electrician Journeyman?

Electrician Journeyman in Knoxville:
"Knoxville Great place."
Pros: Nice town nice people anything you can think of is here.
Cons: different areas require different permits or licensing

Electrician Journeyman in Yakima:
Pros: close to home
Cons: seeing poverty

Electrician Journeyman in Methuen:
"Great town to do business."
Pros: It's nice living in the same town you're working people get to know you and trust you.
Cons: Nothing

Electrician Journeyman in Fresno:
"Fresno is great."
Pros: I love what I do , but not for who I'm doing it for.
Cons: Company shaving hours which makes it bad.

Electrician Journeyman in Simi Valley:
"Bend Pipe."
Watch, listen and learn. Don't think you know how to do it... Because you don't !

Electrician Journeyman in Simi Valley:
"Pipe Bender."
How to bend pipe. To excel: Listen, watch and learn. ABC school does not teach or train "hands on".

Electrician Journeyman in Moore:
Pros: Nothing. This place is where I grew up, but there is nothing to do. No hiking trails, no nature, its hot and humid in summer and cold and wet but never snowy in winter. We get the worst of all seasons.
Cons: Crappy employers and the scenery is terrible.