Electronics Technician Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Electronics Technician in Chicago:
"The demand to be a "multi-trades" electrician (and mechanic)"
Safety first!!! Always! Keep your head on a swivel! Obey all OSHA standards. Watch out for your co-workers. Learn as much as you can.

Electronics Technician in Reno:
Pros: The experience gained and training received.
Cons: Working for uncertified or unqualified personnel.

Electronics Technician in Radford:
Get on-the-job experience while going to school if possible.

Electronics Technician in Norfolk:
"Willing to travel."
Pros: Leading and mentoring personnel.
Cons: Extended travel over six months.

Electronics Technician in Fairfax:
"Electrical Engineering Internship."
Be patient and calm. Do your job well. Do not destroy tarnish or metal coatings if working installing something. When you need to create a good product install things well things delicately and not with any harshness.

Electronics Technician in Phoenix:
"Always New Things."
In a R&D Lab there are always new projects, always new technologies, always new ideas. This keeps you fresh, keeps you engaged and keeps you on top of your game.

Electronics Technician in San Luis Obispo:
"Interesting work enviroment."
Pros: Electronics manufacturing is a varied process requiring a variety of talents to do successfully. In order for small batch electronic manufacturing things must be incredibly well organized with strong processes in place, understood by employees, and implemented with utmost attention to detail. I enjoy finding the best way to accomplish at task and work my way to a point where my operation works on its own.
Cons: Everything I stated previously that is required for a good job isn't present at work. Lack luster performance of direct managers is causing all areas of production feel added strain through lack of direction.