Electronics Technician Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Electronics Technician in Phoenix:
"Always New Things."
In a R&D Lab there are always new projects, always new technologies, always new ideas. This keeps you fresh, keeps you engaged and keeps you on top of your game.

Electronics Technician in Akron:
Go into another field. The jobs are few these days and for what is out there, the pay is horrible.

Electronics Technician in Greensboro:
"Hubbell is a good place to work if you actually work."
Good place to work with advancement opportunities if you show you can work hard.

Electronics Technician in Ravenna:
"The Job Is Great, But."
Definitely do some research into the companies you work for. If they deal with temps on a regular basis. Proceed with caution. EVERY single company I have ever done tech work for that has used temps has a VERY high turnover rate for good reason!

Electronics Technician in Marshall:
"Not Too Bad Of A Place To Work."
Get a good job and experience and then go for a job that you really want to do. If you ever get where you dread going to work then it is time to move on.

Electronics Technician in McKinney:
"Educate Yourself Before 45."
If you want to be sought after for job positions, complete your education to at least a four year before the age of 45. You can do it. You MUST do it !

Electronics Technician in Mishawaka:
"Don't Accept A Low Ball Offer From This Type Of Company."
Get your ASEET. Don't accept low ball offers from this type of company.