Electronics Technician Reviews

Q: What is it like working in Exeter?

Electronics Technician in Exeter:
"Close to home."
Pros: Close to home.
Cons: Loud, dusty, dirty, dreary, environment.

Electronics Technician in York:
"Be knowledgeable about similar job titles."
Read and be educated about jobs that work with your particular part of the industry.

Electronics Technician in Plainfield:
Pros: I like the work environment and team members. I like repairing equipment. I like the PTO.
Cons: Doing the same job over and over. The particular job isn't challenging enough. I don't like doing tech support. Undersaffed.

Electronics Technician in Mesa:
"Too much to write down at the moment."
It's a really good career field to start in.

Electronics Technician in Salisbury:
Pros: Lax atmosphere.
Cons: Supervisor with no knowledge.

Electronics Technician in Tampa:
Pay attention to the basics while in school.

Electronics Technician in Pittsburgh:
"A new project daily."
Pros: The hours worked. Some of my coworkers.
Cons: Getting mandatory overtime and not getting paid. Having others with less qualifications and seniority getting promoted before me without going through proper procedure. No significant raises or performance evaluations on a regular basis.