Electronics Technician Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Electronics Technician?

Electronics Technician in Jacksonville, Florida:
"Great place to work."
Pros: No shortage of work
Cons: Lower wages than other places in the country

Electronics Technician in Shakopee:
"Things to do."
Pros: Latest technology is available and work with engineers.
Cons: Deverse co workers and ease of access to location.

Electronics Technician in Greensboro:
"Traveling Technician."
Pros: It's close to home
Cons: It's just a base office, so hardly there

Electronics Technician in Bedford:
"Filling a Need."
Pros: The ability to provide customers with resources they require
Cons: Traffic

Electronics Technician in San Diego:
"Always Sunny and expensive."
Pros: Good weather year round, beaches, snow and desert all in one day.
Cons: Expensive.

Electronics Technician in Sylmar:
"Close to my house we working as thing."
Pros: Working along no presion eand good quality.
Cons: No coman was good.

Electronics Technician in Nashua:
"Don't be intimidated by titles."
All people are the same no matter the title or lot in life. Don't be afraid to make yourself known or speak to upper management folks. You can learn a lot!