Elementary School Teacher Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Elementary School Teacher in Ogden:
It requires a it of hard work and complete dedication, but it is joyful work.

Elementary School Teacher in Lodi:
"Share your knowledge with others and share the best of you."
Learn all you can so you can share it with your students!

Elementary School Teacher in Salt Lake City:
"Look For A Good Principal."
Look for a good school and principal who lets you do your job and walk away from a micromanager. It takes the fun out of the job unless you do that.

Elementary School Teacher in Chicago:
Do not get your masters degree until after you get a teaching degree.

Elementary School Teacher in Riverdale:
"Your Future."
Do not expect to earn enough money to retire as you would like. Unless you have strong discipline or family to help financially. Spend wisely and save consistently. Educate yourself well beyond a Master's if you can. Lastly, diversify your talents/skills in case you decide not to finish an education career. The competition is so fierce and employers too fickle to rely on. Create a business opportunity that you can build over time during your summers/free time.

Elementary School Teacher in Salem:
"Don't Do It!"
Too much work for so little recognition! People always think they can do better. This field is about constantly reinventing your teaching because the curriculum and expectations are always changing!