Engineering Technician Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Engineering Technician?

Engineering Technician in Berea:
"My job."
Pros: The freedom I have to make decision that determine whether the machines are operating correctly.
Cons: The hours I work are very sporadic, and little to no respect from production employees. The constant stress of ensuring each and every part off of my equipment meets correct standards, and the minimal support from upper management, who feel they do not need any technicians.

Engineering Technician in Overland Park:
Pros: I am working on different projects inside our contract with AT&T. I love going from job to well as the people I work with.
Cons: The Benefits....or Lack of them.

Engineering Technician in Richmond:
"Demanding most of the time both mentally and physically."
Pros: Exposure to different job sites, conditions and people.
Cons: Work hours are sometimes hard to come by. Work is mostly weather dependent and upper management will always try to low ball your salary.

Engineering Technician in Dallas:
"How TI compares to other companies."
Pros: Challenging and satisfying.
Cons: Short handed.

Engineering Technician in Glendale:
"I travel all over the state doing annual service and repairs."
Pros: I get to travel and have a flexible schedule as I make on my own somewhat.
Cons: I travel and have to be gone days at a time 2-3 times a month.