Equipment Operator Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Equipment Operator?

Equipment Operator in Kuttawa:
Pros: Laid back easy going jobs.
Cons: Not working all the time.

Equipment Operator in Odessa:
Pros: The overall pay, low cost healthcare, and 401k.
Cons: Amount of hours per day worked, hourly rate pay, management.

Equipment Operator in Reading:
"Very bad city with high crime rates and poverty rates."
Pros: Short commute to work.

Equipment Operator in San Antonio:
"Be good at your job."
Your equipment pays your bills. Take care of it.

Equipment Operator in Boulder:
"Operator or laborer."
Be prepared for anything.

Equipment Operator in Sultan:
"It pays the bills."
Pros: The people I work with. The company has good benefits that will be increasingly more beneficial as I continue over the years with the company.
Cons: The pay makes the bills but beyond that I cannot afford to have my own home. The work is very demanding on your mind & body. I have received burns, smashed fingers & bruises in less then a year.

Equipment Operator in Bryan:
"It can be rewarding if you put forth the efford."
Concentrate on your job and don't let anyone interfere with your work and you'll come out on top.