Event Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Event Manager?

Event Manager in New York:
Pros: Active City with endless possibilities
Cons: Commute time

Event Manager in Portland:
"It doesn't pay as much as Los Angeles."
Pros: The people are nice
Cons: The weather

Event Manager:
Very little support for employee's well being or professional development. Not a transparent work environment. Management is not very professionalized. Competitive benefits, low pay for the industry and position.

Event Manager in Cold Spring Harbor:
"Brilliant people doing important work; a little out of touch."
Pros: Gorgeous location with brilliant people doing important work.
Cons: Pay is below comparable jobs/companies in NYC. Top management isn't great at managing department heads.

Event Manager:
Beautiful location with brilliant people from around the world doing important work. Benefits are excellent. Pay is definitely less than comparable jobs/companies in NYC. Management is generally bad at managing such that individual department heads are allowed to run their own kingdoms.

Event Manager in Stamford:
"Heavy traffic on the highways."
Pros: NA.
Cons: It is fine if you live closer to Stamford, otherwise you should be ready to sit in traffic for long hours.

Event Manager in Syracuse:
Pros: Short commute, affordable housing.
Cons: Winters are tough! Icy roads and treacherous driving conditions.