Executive Administrative Assistant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Executive Administrative Assistant?

Executive Administrative Assistant in Alameda:
"Work Flexibility."
Pros: I work with a great group that are supportive of my work.
Cons: I don't enjoy the repetitive tasks in my position, but I realize that they are unavoidable. So I break up my work throughout the day and still accomplish my daily goals.

Executive Administrative Assistant in Indianapolis:
"Company Infastructure."
When I first started, I wish that there had been more detail in explaining what the company actually did, instead of giving a vague list of products that we make and not explaining how they impacted the world. Also, be cautious that as your job progresses, added responsibilities are not added without being compensated for them.

Executive Administrative Assistant in Alpharetta:
Continue learning skills and interpersonal every chance you get. If you don't know how to do something, search on the web and learn that skill. It is better for you and those your work with and for. Never say I don't know how, say if someone will show me how I will do it and do it gladly.

Executive Administrative Assistant in Oakland:
"Three ways to excel as an admin."
Make sure your role is clearly defined, administrative work can include many kinds of tasks, responsibilities and industries, so make sure you know all the tasks you will be expected to master. Be meticulous and detail-oriented! Your boss will be expecting you to have correct answers on hand, don't be the admin who can never find anything... Be the admin that knows where everything is, and the one that can answer any question by looking it up within their system. And oh yea have a great referential filing system - use something like Evernote, or OneNote that will allow you to search and organize these ideas and info. In order to prevent over-promising or over-booking - keep a running task list, and let everyone know that if they want you to do something, it will need to go on the list, and if they want it done immediately, they will need to show you which tasks can wait while you re-priortize to handle the urgent ones.

Executive Administrative Assistant in Cleveland:
"Not as easy as it looks!"
This field is not something you can just fall into and excel at. You need to be tech savvy, discreet, a mind reader, willing to do things others don't want to, and VERY organized. You take a lot of crap from people when things go wrong and you get the blame even when its not your fault.

Executive Administrative Assistant in Boston:
Pros: Easy going atmosphere. Lots of benefits and flexible work schedule. Nice office in prime location. Management wants me to succeed.
Cons: The level of respect. My title. Amount of work and stress.

Executive Administrative Assistant in Saukville:
"Don't Worry, They'll Train You!"
As long as you are proficient in MS Word, Excel & Outlook; you can spell; you are professional in your communication style; you are good with time management and have a positive outlook on lift they can train you to do everything else. Most companies have customized software, outdated software or aren't using the software they have to it's fullest potential. That's one way you can really benefit your company. Learn the existing software programs and make recommendations to use it to it's fullest extent or keep abreast of new and innovative software so you can recommend a change.