Executive Assistant Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Executive Assistant in Columbus:
"Experience Should Equal Better Pay."
Know your stuff, show initiative, be resourceful.

Executive Assistant in New York:
"Make your Voice Heard."
The Real Estate industry is a life style! Your strengths rival wall street with the love for challenge, personal flexibility, committed to deliver, and all with a smile providing 5 Star Level Customer Service. You are the front line, face, secret gun of the executive you are assisting. If you attached yourself to a star and they are also a good person they will take care of you from work hour flexibility and helping to achieve that work like balance after building trust. Skills: Organization, On the Spot Decision making, Microsoft Office, basic accounting, any type of marketing experience is a plus (adobe software for print marketing), ability to communicate effectively verbally and written.

Executive Assistant in Memphis:
"How In Depth the position really was in daily Operations."
Stay Focused and true to yourself. Integrity is a quality that will never go unnoticed.

Executive Assistant in San Diego:
Foster the relationship with your executive and become a partner with them.

Executive Assistant in Englewood:
Pay attention to details, communication, follow-up.

Executive Assistant in Winston-Salem:
"I have worked for the same executive for 20 years."
Review your work. Get to know your executive's associates and friends. Be available when needed. Become knowledgeable on things important to him/her.

Executive Assistant in Chicago:
Make sure what is promised happens; e.g. Salary and duties.