Executive Assistant Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Executive Assistant in Spring Branch:
"Run run while you can."
Run unless you want to work for the good old boys club.

Executive Assistant in Tampa:
"To be more open with supervisors."
Don't be afraid to be honest with supervisors.

Executive Assistant in Bristol:
Meet with boss immediately to outline mutual expectations.

Executive Assistant in Flemington:
"Pay would increase dramatically."
Negotiate salary before you start.

Executive Assistant in Rocky Mount:
"I wish I knew that I would never get raises or be evaluated."
Don't take criticism personally - criticism is a learning tool used to make YOU better! Pay attention to the small details, and always call someone by their name when speaking to them.

Executive Assistant in Los Angeles:
"Amazing company."
Details...details. Work hard and play harder.

Executive Assistant in Houston:
"Network, network, netword."
Network and get to know as many of the "main players" in your organization that you work with on a daily or almost daily basis. Take them to lunch, send kudos for job well done, etc. The more you network with your peers, the easier it will be to set up meetings, events, etc.