Executive Assistant Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Executive Assistant in Houston:
Always work outside the box.

Executive Assistant in Draper:
"Accommodation to different personalities is required."
Need to be able to multi-task and change direction on projects at the drop of a dime. Maintaining accuracy and clear records will help if research is needed after a period of time has pass.

Executive Assistant in Lafayette:
"Research salaries of peer positions internal and external."
Build your network of colleagues so that you have resources for information.

Executive Assistant in Kerrville:
"Higher Ed is different."
I wish I knew how higher ed worked as far as pay scale, politics, etc.

Executive Assistant in Orlando:
"Surgical Coordinator / Executive Assistant."
Learn the nuances of the people you are supporting; what matters to them and what will make them successful. Then focus intensely on those things and be sure to look 10 steps ahead of them so that you can prioritize for them and plan accordingly.

Executive Assistant in Hartford:
Attention to details and listening.

Executive Assistant in Hagerstown:
"Add to your value!"
Make yourself open and available for any project, task or extra work; offer your assistance to all departments and learn all you can about the business. Be willing to take on extra responsibility or extra work from other departments.