Executive Assistant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Executive Assistant?

Executive Assistant in Monterey:
"Excellent Learning Experience."
Pros: Ability to learn a wide variety of aspects of the event planning business.
Cons: Inability to rise financially based on position/title.

Executive Assistant in Phoenix:
"My company has a great culture."
Pros: Culture, flexibility, kind leadership.

Executive Assistant in Philadelphia:
"Management always something new and challenging."
Pros: Challenging.
Cons: Management doesn't acknowledge position as a priority.

Executive Assistant in Arlington:
Pros: I meet a lot of people. I make my own decisions and learn a lot through my career. Very flexible, cultural and a swanky environment. In addition I love my team.
Cons: It can be demanding and at time tedious. Stressful with long hours.

Executive Assistant in Jefferson City:
"Assisting the office, telephones."
Pros: Customer service, assisting others .
Cons: A lot of work for one person when you assist everyone.

Executive Assistant in New York:
"Tools necessary to excel."
Register for all available computer training offered by the employer. Research your boss's role and assess your scope of work.

Executive Assistant in San Francisco:
"That it required project management skills."
Much of what an executive assistant does is classified as administrative, however, be careful not to be hired to do the work of a project manager for a lower wage. It is a common practice to hire someone for lower wages who is less of a cookie-cutter fit to any one role, but can do the work of a project management consultant and is unaware of the pay that they can request for such services.