Executive Director Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Executive Director in Bellevue:
"Value of Ongoing Learning."
Everyone you meet offers you an opportunity to learn and grow. Be cautious not to miss and/or waste those experiences and opportunities.

Executive Director in Gilbert:
"That the board would be unrealistic about salary."
Negotiate salary before and get signed contract.

Executive Director in Louisville:
Read books that are written for the person in this position and how to live a balanced successful life. This position can negatively affect other aspects of your life if you don't set a well defined and regular schedule to ensure balance. Reach out to other successful Executive Directors for advice and peer support.

Executive Director in Dillon:
"How long it would take to become competatant."
Take care of yourself.

Executive Director in Tallahassee:
"Obtaining credentialing/ licensing is paramount."
Know your job description. Make sure your job description and the Board of Directors expectations of the ED match. Make sure you set up job expectations for the people you supervise. Know the experience level, expertise, systems of therapy to be used, what grants you have and the expectations and requirements of each grant. Make sure you get up to date financial information needed to do your job.

Executive Director in St. Louis:
"Administration for Nonprofits."
Be sure to understand the administrative requirements of running a nonprofit including a great focus on the program's mission.

Executive Director in New York:
Makes no sense to do what you have to do.