Executive Director Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Executive Director in New York:
Makes no sense to do what you have to do.

Executive Director in Los Angeles:
"Mentorship and Feedback."
Ensure you have a mentor and clear, attainable goals set. Request feedback on progress often.

Executive Director in Greenville:
"Long hours low pay."
Have a good relationship with your board and don't sell yourself short.

Executive Director in Rahway:
"Build a network."
Don't wait for others to setup a network of contacts for you. Get their help, but be proactive.

Executive Director in Providence:
"Start with understanding the culture..."
Assuming that you have already done your due diligence prior to your hiring, spend your first month on the job talking to your folks about their jobs and their work relationships, listening and analyzing with a goal of understanding the culture that exists within your company and even individual working teams. Communications, values, attitudes, all the parts that make up a culture within an organization. This understanding is the single most important tool you'll have available to you as you then attempt to bring about any changes in the organization that you feel are necessary too move forward.

Executive Director in Cleveland:
"A Niche Industry."
Work in the private sector first.

Executive Director in Lima:
"Team work."
Make sure you have a good team to work with.