Executive Director Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Executive Director in Newburgh:
Lean to manage change. Don't overact to the resistance of people to the change. That is normal. Change often doesn't happen because of responding to the resistance rather than living through it. Keep your eye on the whole.

Executive Director in Okanogan:
"Time commitments = money."
Limit expectations of how much time you will work normally.

Executive Director in Hollywood:
"Love what you do."
Love what you do.

Executive Director in San Luis Obispo:
"People skills are a must."
Learning to develop diplomacy, management practices, and human resource knowledge is an important part of being an Executive Director. There are a lot of training opportunities fortunately, so it is best to take advantage of those.

Executive Director in Hagerstown:
"Current area contacts."
Make sure you have all contacts for this area in all matters that are currently being used.

Executive Director in Tempe:
"Take care of the people."
Remember what was important to you starting out in the workforce. Hire slowly, terminate promptly.

Executive Director in Los Angeles:
"Value of my skills."
Document your achivements.