Executive Director Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Executive Director in Arlington:
"Check the books very carefully."
Meet your staff, Board and counterparts as soon as you can to build relationships of trust and productive interaction.

Executive Director in Troy:
"People Skills Essential."
Ask lots of questions and stay open minded. Polish up and strengthen your people and inter - relations skills.

Executive Director in Laconia:
"Yearly schedule."
Follow and update a yearly schedule.

Executive Director in Gary:
"The challenge of recruiting and retaining a solid team."
Have a very rigorous recruiting and screening process.

Executive Director in Crossville:
Make sure you have the authority to hire and fire.

Executive Director in Lebanon:
"The lack of funding."
Get adequate pay for job description.

Executive Director in Austin:
"Living Your Dream."
If you are passionate about something in your life follow the passion and create a way for you to live and work. Supporting it. Always be true to the mission and surround yourself with like minded people and never loose hope.