Executive Director Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Executive Director in Lebanon:
"The lack of funding."
Get adequate pay for job description.

Executive Director in Austin:
"Living Your Dream."
If you are passionate about something in your life follow the passion and create a way for you to live and work. Supporting it. Always be true to the mission and surround yourself with like minded people and never loose hope.

Executive Director in Seattle:
Get everything in writing up front and compensation plan spelled out with specific measurables in how your performance will be measured.

Executive Director in Los Angeles:
"Critical thinking and communication skills."
Never stop learning.

Executive Director in Houston:
Believe in it even others don't.

Executive Director in Waterloo:
"Keep a balance."
Make sure you have a good balance between home and work. You will be a better and more productive boss.

Executive Director in Petoskey:
"I cant really believe this site is asking for this."
I appreciate your desire to provide insight to potential employees but really, I don't think this should be mandator.