Executive Secretary Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Executive Secretary?

Executive Secretary in Edcouch:
"Good work environment."
Pros: I know the area and the sense of close community
Cons: Some of the work environment needs to change

Executive Secretary:
The company overall is great moral, peers are all wonderful people to work with. We are in a new millennia where we as a society are shifting from a culture of inequality to equality. Where companies are not willing to sacrifice the employees for the $$. Shifting to heart human decisions instead of ego mind materialistic decisions. Where you are paid a salary that is equal to the value of ones skill and heart skills and equally balanced to the region one resides. Celebrity is based on the old world model. Compensation is 8-15% lower than the National Average while Miami is 8% higher to live than the surrounding counties. There is inequality base on your title. Which is an outdated business model. This new era will be interesting to see unfold as this new business model transcends or sinks corporations.

Executive Secretary in Colville:
"Quality of Life and a paycheck!"
Pros: Small town in a beautiful part of the world
Cons: The commute

Executive Secretary:
I work with an amazing Team. Great benefits, incentives, and an overall wonderful place to work. Has a very diverse staff that incorporates numerous cultures. It is like we are one big family. Would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a new and exciting career.

Executive Secretary in Dalton Georgia:
"Stick with it."
Stick with it study and go beyond requirements.

Executive Secretary in Rialto:
Pros: Coworkers and the rate payers within the community.
Cons: The dining experience is very bad.