Fast Food Worker Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Fast Food Worker?

Fast Food Worker in Cottage Grove:
Pros: The workers, and when it is not busy, and when customer's are nice.
Cons: Most customers are rude, treat you like dirt, don't care that you're a human.

Fast Food Worker in Chalmette:
"The store I work for is something different for sure."
Pros: The thing I like the most are the people I work with, and some of the customers that make my day better/
Cons: The pay doesnt equal out to the amount of work I do for the company every day. The rude and disrespectful customers and some employees that come to the company or through the drive through is sometimes to me not worth going to work for. The less then helpful employees at the job makes my job that much more difficult to do.

Fast Food Worker in Oklahoma City:
Pros: My co-workers, the pay, flexibility.
Cons: The customers are assholes, strict time limit in getting food out.

Fast Food Worker in Daphne:
"Busy bee."
Pros: Some days we can get to everything we have to get prepared. But there are days we are stuck on line with guests. It can be very challenging going to compete family tasks.
Cons: The few who defy authority or rules of expectations of the companies. But in a negative way.

Fast Food Worker in Decatur:
Pros: Worked well with hours and light demands.
Cons: Repeatedly delayed my raise they promised me. I had been praised by multiple shift managers, GMs, and corporate workers. I have been told multiple times that I was their best worker they've had in years. I was given manager (including training others) and matenance tasks. I often covered for others and worked some of their most stressful positions. However, I realized I was one of their lowest paid employees. I was then promised a generous raise, that has been delayed for weeks. I feel very underpaid and underappreciated.

Fast Food Worker in Asheboro:
Pros: The work is easy we are like a little family there is more bad than good.
Cons: I come in every night nothing is ever stocked and cleaned from day shift even the manager do not tell the employee to do their job I have been there 6 years and am a woman yet a man can go in and be there for two years and is the highest paid employee there nothing is fair especially the women even the rm doesn't care.

Fast Food Worker in Glenwood:
Pros: You never have to do the same thing twice.
Cons: Different managers will tell you to different things and it can get frustrating. I also hate the concepts of Times and Labor. They take hours away from employees who really need them.