Field Engineer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Field Engineer?

Field Engineer:
Working with the team I work with is positive and exciting. The benefits are almost as good as military benefits. The pay is equal to other employers in the wireless field. It is a team environment where management is part of the team.

Field Engineer in Washington:
"Auto cad."
Learn as much as possible every day. Every little thing you learn takes you closer to becoming a successful field engineer.

Field Engineer in Houston:
"Field engr."
Pros: Field work.
Cons: Hours.

Field Engineer in San Jose:
Pros: Clean, and safe.
Cons: Everything else.

Field Engineer in Dallas:
Pros: The opportunity to grow in Dallas is exponential.
Cons: I have never experienced any problem looking for a job here in Dallas Texas that was always someone hiring an opportunity right around the corner.

Field Engineer in Gastonia:
"I have worked here before and loved the work and people."
If you have Cad training you will also need outside Plant Experience and that will be slow to accumulate in this job.

Field Engineer in Salt Lake City:
"Constant Change."
Pros: Giving me the experience to grow with the company and helping it change for the better.
Cons: Ownership micro manages too much.