Financial Advisor Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Financial Advisor?

Financial Advisor in Cleveland:
"Great Job working with Clients."
Pros: I get to help great people get more out of their lives. I am passionate about my work and get to solves puzzles. I have interesting work and colleagues whose company I enjoy.
Cons: My boss is not a good at being a boss, or at making business decisions. I will frequently finish working on an important project and my boss will take months to proof read it so we can get it out.

Financial Advisor in Philadelphia:
"You have to like people."
This is a people business. Clients will care more about how much you care than how much you know, or how much money you can help them make.

Financial Advisor in Provo:
"More marketing expertise."
Learn to be a savvy marketer!

Financial Advisor in Lancaster:
"Current Kohlmaier Muscalus Group Review."
Pros: Decent people. Good clients. Enjoy calling my own shots in the Tax Prep Department. Expense reimbursements help tremendously. Enjoy the home office option on some days. I wish I could do this more.
Cons: Stress Level is high. Pay is inadequate for time. I work the hours of a partner and get paid entry level salaries.

Financial Advisor in Washington:
Pros: Resources, people, intellect.
Cons: Response to change.

Financial Advisor in Columbus:
Pros: It is a good paying job with great hours.
Cons: It is very stressful and you deal with things outside of your control.

Financial Advisor in Houston:
"Good Career/Slow Start."
Pros: Some of the best aspects of being an advisor is that you get to meet with new people everyday. As a fee only advisor, I can sleep at night knowing that I'm not selling people financial products that they probably don't need for a commission.
Cons: Long work weeks. To make any money at this job, you've got to be willing to put in the hours to educate yourself and work on our approach to bringing new clients through the door.