Financial Analyst Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Financial Analyst?

Financial Analyst in Pittsburgh:
"Financial Development."
Pros: Learning about financial modeling of healthcare systems and developing business plans for projects to improve healthcare within healthcare system.
Cons: Barriers to project implementation because of senior leadership and high level planning failure.

Financial Analyst in Cincinnati:
Pros: Coworkers. Work.
Cons: High stress. Company owners.

Financial Analyst in Orlando:
Pros: My coworkers are all on the same page with trying to make sales incentives more simple and more accurate.
Cons: Tedious repetitive tasks should be automated.

Financial Analyst in McLean:
Pros: Corporate culture and closeness to senior executives.
Cons: New analyst raining program is not great for fresh graduates.

Financial Analyst in Carmel:
"Unestablished reporting."
Pros: I like having the ability of taking different approaches in reporting the financial progress of the centers we manage. We are a growing line of business for the company and are working towards establishing a standard of reporting. There are and will many opportunities to stand out.
Cons: The uncertainty of know what I am doing is worthy of someone's time or my time.

Financial Analyst in Dallas:
Pros: I like that I can do anything with th.
Cons: I dont have a job currently thanks.

Financial Analyst in Nashville:
Pros: Flexibility to sometimes work from home, flexibility with daily hours. Low supervision from management.
Cons: Sitting at a desk all day. Cubicle prison. Watching the clock.