Financial Controller Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Financial Controller in Albuquerque:
Have a life outside of work.

Financial Controller in New York:
"Soft Skills."
We all know going into the profession that we need to have technical skills to succeed. The soft skills are the biggest area that I did not anticipate. The controller will interact with all levels of management and all departments as well as manage a team. Soft skills are absolutely critical, so hone them will working your way up.

Financial Controller in Valencia:
"Transitional Resistance/ Objections to Changes."
*Knowledge of Practice and Policy is Primary. *Be punctual, lead by example, own the Business. *Balance People, Process, Product theory of Business. * Rectify without Criticism - key to win Trust. *Ask penetrative questions but avoid annoyance. *De-personalize conflict situations/ personalities. * Dwell on facts and not hypothesis.

Financial Controller in Boulder:
"Small business banking."
Know the industry completely, what each person involved job requires and set markers in each area to measure if resources are sufficient to obtain success. Win/Win scenarios only, both internally and for long term relationships.

Financial Controller in El Paso:
"Learn as much as you can."

Financial Controller in Boise:
"Accounting as a career."
If you are thinking of going into Accounting/Finance or you are a recent college grad, know that this it is a lifetime of learning & developing skills. Every single business requires some type of accounting. It is fun to learn new industries & see how the accounting/finance world changes with the needs of the business. If you are not detail-minded this is not a career for you. It can be tedious & monotonous at times, but I find the fun in just about everything, so I look for challenges. It is exciting to find something that was missing, not balanced or input incorrectly. It gives you a sense of accomplishment.

Financial Controller in Dallas:
"I want to skip this section."
I really don't want to fill out this section, but I have to in order to complete this questionnaire.