Financial Controller Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Financial Controller in Boulder:
"Lots of hours."
Plan on working lots of hours in this job.

Financial Controller in Las Vegas:
"How to read the economy."
Watch the cycles of the economy & how they effect business. Use technology to it's fullest. Build your team to function as one.

Financial Controller in San Luis Obispo:
Get your systems and controls in order. Make sure your staff understand the importance of their work including timing and detail.

Financial Controller in Atlanta:
"More responsibilities than when initially hired."
Many deadlines when you are responsible for all aspects of accounting; high stress but rewarding job.

Financial Controller in Phoenix:
"It's a Good Living But You Won't Get Rich."
Work for a large publicly traded company and network as much as possible.

Financial Controller in New York:
"Know the details."
Be organized and be detail oriented. It helps to also have a very good memory.

Financial Controller in Altoona:
"Company had better direction for the position."