Financial Controller Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Financial Controller?

Financial Controller in Columbus:
"Continue to Grow and Learn."
Always continue to improve your knowledge and skills. Always make sure you are valuable to your current employer and marketable to future employers. Make sure you also provide balance in your life. We work to live, not live to work.

Financial Controller in Boulder:
"Lots of hours."
Plan on working lots of hours in this job.

Financial Controller in Las Vegas:
"How to read the economy."
Watch the cycles of the economy & how they effect business. Use technology to it's fullest. Build your team to function as one.

Financial Controller in San Luis Obispo:
Get your systems and controls in order. Make sure your staff understand the importance of their work including timing and detail.

Financial Controller in Atlanta:
"More responsibilities than when initially hired."
Many deadlines when you are responsible for all aspects of accounting; high stress but rewarding job.

Financial Controller in Phoenix:
"It's a Good Living But You Won't Get Rich."
Work for a large publicly traded company and network as much as possible.

Financial Controller in New York:
"Know the details."
Be organized and be detail oriented. It helps to also have a very good memory.