Financial Counselor Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Financial Counselor?

Financial Counselor in Santa Maria:
"Challenging and often disheartening."
Pros: Close to family
Cons: Limited job opportunities that don't require being bilingual

Financial Counselor in Grand Terrace:
"It’s not for the weak."
Pros: The encouragement from the staff once they hear you’re in school
Cons: The pay isn’t the best

Financial Counselor in Knoxville:
"I like it."
Pros: The community is nice
Cons: Small city

Financial Counselor in Clarksville:
"Work Culture."
Pros: Not a hard job to learn involved in patient care able to work at my own pace without much interaction from supervisor.
Cons: The work environment is very stressful from how patients treat staff members to how the supervisor team seems to not be able to provide us with basic needs such as staffing. And when they are asked they answer is always we have put in the request but have not gotten the OK. It takes upwards 6 months to fill 1 position when someone leaves. The company does not even put in a new requisition when someone gives notice until after the person has left the position... Seems its better to work those who are here more rather than hiring new staff. And everyone feels run down and out of touch because they know its always short staffed.