Fire Alarm Technician Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Fire Alarm Technician?

Fire Alarm Technician in Traverse City, Michigan:
"It's a great place to be."
Pros: It's not in a big city.
Cons: Roads need to be redesigned

Fire Alarm Technician in Houston:
Pros: They paid me to do it.
Cons: Its tirering.

Fire Alarm Technician in Lawrenceville:
"That I needed Nicet to further my growth."
Make sure you have Nicet or any other credentials.

Fire Alarm Technician in Tyler:
"Get out now..kidding...kind of."
Pros: You will work in different cities/towns pretty much everyday but get to go home pretty much every night. Get to work with your hands. Also there are different licenses you can get in time to earn more.
Cons: If you get licensed you will probably get a "helper" and if they suck, your job will be 10x harder. Its usually pretty hot or cold depending on the weather and long days.

Fire Alarm Technician in Fort Myers:
Cons: Lack of leadership and training.

Fire Alarm Technician in Evansville:
Pros: Work with little to no supervision.
Cons: Corporate thinking the enemy is the employees.

Fire Alarm Technician in Houston:
"Watch and Learn."
Read all info you can get your hands on. Get your OWN handtools. Learn all you can from an experienced technician.