Forklift Driver Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Forklift Driver?

Forklift Driver in Campton:
"Forklift driving."
Pros: Love it really want to learn to drive an operate heavy equipment.
Cons: Having to work Saturdays and always picking up brick.

Forklift Driver in Newark:
Safety first and the faster you will get in time.

Forklift Driver in Beaumont:
"Work is good pay is just under scale I believe."
Pros: Close to home easy to go and come back home.
Cons: Nothing except the pay is way too low.

Forklift Driver in Fontana:
"It is ok."
Pros: Work by myself.
Cons: Pay is low.

Forklift Driver in Carson:
"On the job."
Pros: I liked the environment I was in. Real cool peiple fast pace job . I always showed up early 15 minutes before. I just love a challege.
Cons: What I liked least about my job was my payrate.

Forklift Driver in Burbank:
"Hard work very busy and stressful."
Pros: Driving a motor vehicle/forklift.
Cons: Stress.

Forklift Driver in Brighton:
Never have an accident.