Forklift Operator Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Forklift Operator in Sanford:
"Know your worth."
Make sure you know what the agency and company is offering in terms of temp to permanent employment.

Forklift Operator in Vance:
"Watch out."
Takes forever to advance. Bonus system is arbitrary. Pay whatever they feel like so no planning ahead. All you can count on is working all day everyday. Soaks up about 12 hours to work 10. Work is easy, the drama is frustrating. Minority owned and typically only advance minority's.

Forklift Operator in Morrisville:
Be careful and watch out for others, and always report any accidents.

Forklift Operator in 07882:
"New fork lift drivers."
Always be safe. Go slow. And always be safe.

Forklift Operator in Newport News:
Be safe and keep looking for better pay.

Forklift Operator in New Orleans:
"Safety, a level head, and the ability to work efficiently."
Understand that customer service and safety are top priority. Learning the product and where it is located is essential for job success. Learn the computer and go out of your way to watch a veteran in action. Effective communication with receiving is especially important to make sure you have the space for the freight coming in daily. Taking initiative on inquiring about freight is also a plus because it insures your success as an employee.

Forklift Operator in Oklahoma City:
"Eh; It's a job."
Always do things the RIGHT way; You'll constantly be surrounded by people who cut corners...... DON'T.