Forklift Operator Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Forklift Operator in Memphis:
"Forklift operator."
Balance and concentration.

Forklift Operator in Wilmington:
"Chances to advance are limited."
Never stop looking for better opportunities.

Forklift Operator in Idaho Falls:
"Better pay."
Know what the benefit are before you jump on it.

Forklift Operator in King of Prussia:
"Body mechanics."
Remember to stretch and use proper body mechanics whenoperating the forklift. There are a lot of long hours and knees and lower back take a beating.

Forklift Operator in Parkersburg:
"That the pay raises are not very frequently given."
Be safe and make sure and keep eye contact with anyone on the floor in your work area at all time.

Forklift Operator in Marietta:
"Update your skiils."
Work hard care for your co workers.

Forklift Operator in Binghamton:
Move product in a timely mannor with being in a fast passed industry accurate.