Forklift Operator Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Forklift Operator?

Forklift Operator in Sioux Falls:
Pros: Driving a forklift.
Cons: I feel underpaid.

Forklift Operator in Murfreesboro:
"Time for evolution."
Pros: This company needs to evolve with the times. The people put into place in order to efficiently and effectively run the business are lacking in common sense and knowledge.
Cons: It's all bad.

Forklift Operator in Tyler:
"Good position."
Pros: You don't go home with body problems, and back problems.
Cons: No reliable schedule at work so you never know when you go home.

Forklift Operator in Gainesville:
"Fast paced, demanding, saftey."
Pros: The people I work with at the company. Demand the job practices.
Cons: Generally the hours of a traditional 3rd shift position.

Forklift Operator in Conroe:
"It is a fairly easy job."
Pros: Having weekends off.
Cons: Very small and congested making it hard to work around stuff sometimes.

Forklift Operator in Goshen:
"Stress Level. Poor Management"
Pros: Certain Co-workers that pull together to get the job done.
Cons: Management at the local level that is extremely unorganized. The fact that the dedicated employees have to fight for a pay raise.