Fraud Investigator Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Fraud Investigator?

Fraud Investigator in Reno, Nevada:
"A great place to work or retire."
Pros: Varying seasons.
Cons: No longer has a small town feel.

Fraud Investigator:
I’ve been at my job for over a decade. I work with great people and management is excellent. Employee health insurance is free, and adding family is very affordable. We get all kinds of holidays off too, so all in all a great work/life balance. My only negative point is that we aren’t ever allowed to work from home, but that’s not a big deal in light of all the good things about working here.

Fraud Investigator in Tucson:
"Catching people that are de frauding the program."
Cons: The Pay is terrible and the Department is has been going down hill.

Fraud Investigator in Nashville:
"Seeking fair compensation."
Do not accept status quo of 15 dollars per hour. Company requires 60k miles per year driven on your vehicle with inadequate compensation.