Front Office Manager Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Front Office Manager in Winchester:
"Be prepared to multi task."
Be prepared to multi task and be ready to cover when there is an issue.

Front Office Manager in Birmingham:
"Stressful and demanding."
Pros: Being in charge, being personal and professional.
Cons: Constant and never a break, bad boss.

Front Office Manager in Portland:
"An acurate job description."
Listen and learn before changing anything.

Front Office Manager in Irvine:
"Being a front office manager is awesome."
Pros: The best part of my job is training my staff on new ways to improve their work ethics and be more productive. Working in a medical office being efficient is very important because we are dealing with people's health. Going to a doctors office where all the staff are caring and know what they are doing provides comfort for the patient.
Cons: Working for a work comp office can be stressful. We have to make sure the patient, employer and insurance adjusters are happy. This can be challenging at times.

Front Office Manager in Denver:
"A lot of stress and hours for little pay."
Pros: The people I work with.
Cons: Hours. Pay. Stress. No down time.

Front Office Manager in Phoenix:
"Be sure were all on the same page."
Be sure everyone is on the same page. Take a moment to review patient's chart and acknowledge when they are a long time patient. This is important in a smaller general dentistry practice. They have a lot of trust and feel confident in the Dr. Also when a newer Dr. Starts in the practice. Give that Dr. A heads-up on the patient...if you know the patient will never have work done...especially if the Dr. He or she has been seeing for the past 15 yrs.was not the one who diagnosed it. Let the Dr know what the patient was told. He of course needs to support the new Dr.'s decision ... Show patient the faith he has in the Dr.... Assistants are in the room with the Dr. Some patients are nervous and may not be able to inform the front office what needs to be done on the next vist. Assistant needs to jump in with what the Dr. Has told patient.

Front Office Manager in Grand Prairie:
"Don't volunteer to work more hours."
You do your training for that position. It is always wise to learn everything and all the people that work there. It is not wise to start taking on more and more duties and working 45-55 hour work week and not get any pay raise or no mention of it.