General / Operations Manager Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

General / Operations Manager in Oneida:
"Managing hourly employees is more challenging than sales."

General / Operations Manager in Portland:
"Enterprise management rarely knows what it needs."
Have no opinions. Using the W's to make an assessment of the: *job requirements of key subordinate personnel. *risk - safety, property, environment. *work rules - all personnel. *security - facilities, inventories, vehicles. *interaction requirements with peers - and professional staff. *validity of the business calendar and ensure all critical reporting to/from are noted with advanced prompting, all events. *save for safety and regulatory compliance most non-threat items requiring change can be done most effectively - incrementally. *Listen, Listen, Listen and take notes to post on a personal to do board.

General / Operations Manager in Williamsburg:
Do your homework.

General / Operations Manager in Chandler:
"Amount of time away from home."
Take care of your prople.

General / Operations Manager in Slidell:
"Potable Water Industry."
Know that government entities will constantly strive to increase regulations and compliance in this industry without funding.

General / Operations Manager in Rupert:
"Extrmely long hours."
Learn how to get along with people. Kow what the bosses wishes are.

General / Operations Manager in Mount Pleasant:
Stay focused and learn all you can!