General / Operations Manager Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

General / Operations Manager in Fredericksburg:
"How the company was in debt."
Check everything before you except the position.

General / Operations Manager in Livonia:
"How hard it is to move forward."
Don't be soft. You have to be tough or they will walk all over you.

General / Operations Manager in Charlotte:
"Nepotism roadblock."
Do not expect to succeed due to the nepotism roadblock.

General / Operations Manager in Anacortes:
"Customer Service in the Pet industry."
Get everything in writing before accepting the job. Write copious notes when conversing with your boss or at least as soon as you are done. Keep a definitive line between you and your subordinates. Be open & available to them, friendly and considerate, but make sure they understand the difference between friend and boss. Know your value and strive to become more valuable.

General / Operations Manager in Columbus:
"In our industry I wish I would have predicted a recession."
Discover your 3 or 4 major pulse checks for the company and monitor them daily. The better your connected the better your decision making from numbers and not feelings. Proof is in the numbers.

General / Operations Manager in Racine:
"Think twice before working for a privately owned business."
The job is very stressful. It is extremely overwhelming.

General / Operations Manager in Indianapolis:
"Investigaste employee's tenure/company's retention factor."
Learn your employees strength's, weaknesses right out of the gate! Help them understand your vision (short and long term), insure they are a part of it. Lead by example, not from your desk. Learn to deal with a multitude of personalities, being a good listener means nothing without positive feed back and showing that your a person of action, not just talk.