General / Operations Manager Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

General / Operations Manager in Naples:
"Stay Informed, Lead by Example."
Communicate with your people every day.

General / Operations Manager in Hawthorne:
Have someone believe in you.

General / Operations Manager in Dallas:
"How to learn each day."
Pay attention to your employees. Trust but verify. When something just doesn't seem right, there is a high chance something isn't right. Start looking.

General / Operations Manager in San Jose:
"• Manage all aspects of the TMS Business (Transcranial Magn."
To speak up about the many expectations that are set forth: Which I am Current doing: • Manage all aspects of the TMS Business (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation). O Manager for 9 direct reports.  Employee acquisition.  Employee development, including training and mentoring.  Ensuring employees are aligned with company procedures and policies.  Scheduling, authorizing PTO.  Daily office prep for TMS technician treatments. O TMS business growth has required additional treatment devices and new offices. O First point of contact for new patient intakes. O Liaison between patient and referring outside physician. O Coordinating consultations for patients with physician. O Managing insurance eligibility.  Benefits investigation for insurance coverage.  Aligning patient’s medical history with insurance company’s requirements.  Submission of insurance requirements to obtain prior authorization from the insurance company.  In cases where prior authorization is denied: • Initiate appe.

General / Operations Manager in Las Vegas:
"Hard work, dedication, passion for working with young people."
Focus on growth and providing the highest level of service across the board for all staff and members you are providing the service for. Make sure you are hard working and you set the example.

General / Operations Manager in Marietta:
"Strive to be better."
The management of people can be a daunting task. It's not like managing say inventory or numbers, people are capable of change and do change. Your job as a general manager is to guide that process in the right direction. Always push people forward, never hold them back and your company will benefit.

General / Operations Manager in Memphis:
"Beginning Advice at Chemical Company."
There is unlimited growth potential if you play your cards right.