General / Operations Manager Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

General / Operations Manager in Douglas:
"Patience and understand how other people communicate."
You have to have a lot of patience. With so many different personalities it's good to know how each one works. Everyone reacts in different ways. Multitasking is a must and we do not have office admin so all of that is on our shoulders also.

General / Operations Manager in Georgetown:
"Management structure."
Have a set schedule for the whole management team. In my opinion we need a general manager, not to run operations per say but to teach the leadership team how to act more like a team.

General / Operations Manager in Tyler:
"Small business is a grind to get established."
First impressions matter. You are the leader, not a friend, never forget that. Its all flows from you; high tide raises all buoys. You must be that tide. Stay positive and be patient, succes will come but not if you don't treat it like your llife and the the lives of others depend on it. You must work harder than everyone else and receive no praise. Never lose the forest for the trees and focus on excellent customer service. Like my granddad said, "Nothing beats hard work."

General / Operations Manager in Sarasota:
Allow your people to lead and don't micro manage.

General / Operations Manager in Bronx:
"Surviving in customer seRvice."
Have patience with both the customers and employees. You have to be empathetic rather than sympathetic.

General / Operations Manager in Springfield:
Do not procrastinate. Complete projects as they come to you and take advantage of "downtime". Brainstorm with co-workers and include and evaluate others ideas.

General / Operations Manager in Los Angeles:
"Constant Change."
In a Third Party Logistics environment , the one constant is always change.