General / Operations Manager Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

General / Operations Manager in Springfield:
Do not procrastinate. Complete projects as they come to you and take advantage of "downtime". Brainstorm with co-workers and include and evaluate others ideas.

General / Operations Manager in Los Angeles:
"Constant Change."
In a Third Party Logistics environment , the one constant is always change.

General / Operations Manager in Glen Ellyn:
"How diverse it is."
Getting the GM and owner on the same page at the same time is the most difficult.

General / Operations Manager in Hickory:
"Organization is imperative."
Focus. Put in writing the processes that need to be followed for every type of work you will be managing.

General / Operations Manager in Fort Wayne:
"Employee/ Management relations."
Anything you think you say in confidence will eventually get to the wrong person.

General / Operations Manager in Garland:
"The job has a high stress level."
You must pay equal attention to your people, equipment, and planning. You cannot ignore the employees concerns or issues, as they are the tires on the road. Employees want to be appreciated, and they want it to be shown. Salary does not always make a happy content employee. If it is possible, shake every employees hand when you hand them their paycheck, and thank them for their service. If you are engaged with your team, it will pay off ten-fold on the companies success. Do not let them see you sweat, if things are stressful you must not pass the stress to the workforce. Let them know you have faith in their abilities, and plan, plan, plan.

General / Operations Manager in Los Gatos:
Get all salary and profit sharing in writing.Never trust the owner.