Graphic Artist Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Graphic Artist?

Graphic Artist in Arlington:
"I work in Oak Harbor, not Arlington."
Pros: Easy access to nature; forests, sea shore, etc.
Cons: Isolated from cultural experiences; museums, theater, etc.

Graphic Artist in Jacksonville:
"Great place to retire."
Pros: Weather and Cultural Diversity
Cons: Blanding Blvd traffic

Graphic Artist in Mauldin:
"Job Overview."
Pros: Being able to use graphic software.
Cons: The environment I’m in is very stressful and deadline focused to the extreme lately.

Graphic Artist in Purcellville:
"Purcellville, VA is Alright I Guess."
Pros: Nothing in particular.
Cons: Nothing really comes to mind.

Graphic Artist in Geneva:
"Geneva, Florida... Hey, it's not Alabama."
Pros: I love our life in little Geneva, FL. Relaxed pace, days by the pool, and running around with our dogs... All in between revisions!
Cons: Isolated at times, a little further to drive for projects in Orlando... But good. Not bad.

Graphic Artist in Quincy:
"There was a cap on the amount of money that I could make."
Budget income, don't waste money on new fangled technology. True talent comes from within yourself. Journal Journal Journal.

Graphic Artist in Gainesville:
"It is fun work."
Pros: I love being able to create new ideas, and designs. I create specialty art for companies that sell our items in big box stores. I take a lot of pride in the things I create, especially when I have the time to actually work on the art.
Cons: Being told to make something "trendy", "hip" or some other semblance of those words with out any actual direction. Sometimes your ideas are dismissed easily and it is frustrating. Not given enough time to actually work on the given projects and feeling rushed. And when our warehouse is backed up we are pulled fro our jobs to pack, pull and tag. It is the worst part of the job, but this is also something that happens when you are apart of a smaller company. But being out in the warehouse for 3 months is tiring. I've hurt my hands, ankle, back, and I've got more sore muscles than I ever wanted.