Graphic Designer Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Graphic Designer in Durham:
"No work life balance."
Be sure to make it an urgent matter when it comes to your work life balance. Do not take "oh I told you it was a lot of work" excuse when you push back on your employer for either more pay or more time off (excluding PTO) if you are putting in 50+ hours a week.

Graphic Designer in Eau Claire:
Learn every about every aspect you can about graphic design and advertising.

Graphic Designer in Phoenix:
"How much are you going to do."

Graphic Designer in Lexington:
For a new graphic designer, I would say you should have a way to organize your files so that in the event that you move to another job or get promoted that another designer can find them. The naming convention should be discussed among your co-workers. Also, if you work with InDesign then styles are your friend.

Graphic Designer in New York:
"It Is Okay To Ask Questions."
Ask questions! If you don't know how to do something it's OK. When working with a team, it is actually counterproductive to pretend to know how to do something. You could spend an hour researching, looking for an answer to a question you might not even know to ask. Asking someone more experienced than you, cuts right to the chase. It makes the team more efficient, and you - more knowledgable.

Graphic Designer in Miami:
"Train yourself."
Train yourself, watch tutorials, videos.

Graphic Designer in East Killingly:
"Be involved."
Be involved, be a part of everything around you. Be aware of the design around you. Be active in design. Be part of public community, offer your creative services. To groups, non-profits, fund raising. Learn by gaining involvement through your creative offerings.