Graphic Designer Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Graphic Designer in Cincinnati:
"Have patience, negotiate, and do not settle for less."
Probably the best advice I could offer designers in any of the various career paths they could take is to keep learning and keep developing. Seek knowledge and new ideas in your particular areas of interest. If you don't have a designer toolbox, start building one. If you do have one, continue building it. Build it with whatever you're into. Experiment and explore. Lastly, always keep your options open, never burn bridges, and always strive to do the best work you can do. Remember that people that know what you're into and what you do for a living will always seek your expertise, especially if you are good at what you do. Be professional, be versatile, try to always have a positive outlook on things, don't be naive, but know when to be, learn to negotiate, and never settle for less or do work for free. Oh, and have a nice ready portfolio (physical and digital), and a website. Adds that much more professionalism to your brand. If you don't have a brand, get one together ASAP.

Graphic Designer in St. Paul:
"Never stop learning or challenging yourself."
Pay attention to what specific fields the design industry is in demand of.

Graphic Designer in Carson City:
Don't waste your time with this bullshit survey. It is some kind of trap.

Graphic Designer in San Diego:
"Learn the lingo and jargon for an in-house position."
There was an incredible amount of technical and contextual lingo and jargon that I had to learn for my current in-house position. The art and design necessary to be the Graphic Designer was the same as anywhere else, but not knowing the lingo was a distraction. Looking back, I should have asked ahead of time for some sort of lexicon to help me transition a little easier. It's great now, feeling comfortable with the lingo and technical terms of this company.

Graphic Designer in California City:
Watch tutorials as more as you can.

Graphic Designer in Goldsboro:
"Stagnant Wages."
Make sure to locate position with wage growth potential.

Graphic Designer in Carmel:
"Entry Level."
A lot of last minute work. Don't get to be super creative and bring your ideas to the table.